The missing link: Technology is revolutionising supply-chain finance

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Technology is reshaping the financing of firms that sell to other firms, and leading banks into new alliances

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The missing link

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Supply-chain finance

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China’s Xi Jinping has more clout than Donald Trump. The world should be wary

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The missing link

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IN 2015 Kiddyum, a small company from Manchester that provides frozen ready-meals for children, won a contract from Sainsbury’s, a big British supermarket chain. Jayne Hynes, the founder, was delighted. But sudden success might have choked Kiddyum’s cashflow. Sainsbury’s pays its suppliers in 60 days; Ms Hynes must pay hers in only 30.
In fact Kiddyum gets its cash within a few days. Once approved by Sainsbury’s, its invoices are loaded onto the supermarket’s supply-chain …