Book Review: Michelle Breyer Rides ‘The Curl Revolution’

Michelle Breyer literally wrote the book on curly hair. Not only is she a pioneer in bringing information and products to the estimated 60 percent of Americans with textured hair, her new book, “The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice From the NaturallyCurly Community,” hit booksellers on Oct. 3, and is already generating a buzz.
The book captures all of the emotions of those with textured hair, from straight-hair envy to embracing and flaunting curls. Many of these feelings are those Breyer experienced with her own curly locks. In 1998, Breyer was a newspaper reporter frustrated with the lack of products and information for women with curly hair.
Along with two other journalists, she decided to change the conversation, launching a web site called “From Day One, our goal was to create a place for people like us — a forum to provide support, tips and inspiration for other curlies,” Breyer recalled. “From the outset, we talked in terms of texture, not ethnicity.” That was an important distinction and Breyer has been at the forefront of widening the notion textured hair goes beyond race.
She’s also ignited new thinking on the part of retailers on what to stock and how to

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