Was Theresa May’s Frida Kahlo bracelet a political statement?

Prime minister sported a bracelet made of small painted images of Mexican artist, who was a communist concerned with the plight of the impoverished

Had Theresa May known she was going to have a coughing fit, would she have worn a bracelet comprised of small, painted images of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo on her right wrist? Or is that precisely why she used that hand to cough into – so that we, the public, could see that in 2005, she went to a blockbuster show at Tate Modern, in London?

A kind reading suggests May is aware of Kahlo’s resurgence in the cultural world. Next year the V&A will host a Kahlo retrospective. Kahlo was also cited as a muse to the designer Roland Mouret’s most recent collection and featured in the Italian fashion house Etro’s pre-fall collection.

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