These Insoles Provide Quick and Easy Arch Support for Comfort On Your Feet

Foot pain isn’t only an occupational hazard related to those on their feet all day in jobs from law enforcement to health care. Routine walking can also cause common foot discomfort at the arch area.
While foot issues should typically be addressed by a medical professional such as a podiatrist or orthopedist, a pair of over-the-counter insoles with built-in arch support can often do the trick.
When shopping for insoles like these, consider what type of shoe they are to be used with since athletic shoe silhouettes differ from dress and casual styles. And, make sure the insoles in your shoes can be removed without causing damage to the shoe.
Next, consider what arch type you have. Insoles are designed for support for low, neutral and high arches. Here, a doctor’s input may be required.
Over-the counter insoles often come with a range of additional features such as deep heel ups for added cushioning and gel at the ball-of-foot. For a one-of-a-kind fit, there are also insoles that can be placed in the oven or microwave. Simply stand on them when warm to allow them to take the shape of your foot.
If you’re still not sure about the right insole to meet your arch needs,

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