Athena Calderone: From Instagram to the Kitchen — to Print

Athena Calderone has taken a love for cooking, developed through early days of motherhood in her mid 20s, and a passion for a well-organized Instagram feed and put forth a seasonally organized cookbook, “Cook Beautiful,” which is as curated and visually striking as the foodie Instagram of your dreams.
The book, out today, is the start of what Calderone hopes will become a domestic goods brand; another cookbook is on the way and she aims to launch a homeware line.
“I got married at 23 and had a child really young. I got pregnant at 25 and had my son at 26, so when all my peers, all my friends, were developing themselves in the career space, I found myself at home a lot,” Calderone says, from the lower-level kitchen of the Brooklyn townhouse she’s in the midst of renovating. “And found myself in this homemaker role, which could be frowned upon. There were times [when] I struggled with that because I knew I had a lot of creativity that I couldn’t quite figure out where to place, but at the same time I was filled with so much love and happiness through my family.”
Calderone is married to music producer Victor Calderone,

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