Grailed Extends Beyond Secondhand Shopping

“I see too many tweets about kids getting their phone taken away because they are using Grailed,” said Arun Gupta, a lanky 29-year-old who speaks as if he’s being timed for speed.
Gupta, who studied physics at Yale, is the chief executive officer and cofounder of Grailed, the men’s resale site that launched in 2014.
Last week, Grailed’s Twitter mentions were particularly pointed. The e-commerce site released an update to its iPhone mobile app and there were a few glitches. Users were upset about a missing “back” and “done” button, the inability to add pictures to a listing and not being able to send messages to other users.
App glitches that prevent customers from purchasing or selling product are a problem, but the mentions, which ranged from obnoxious to highly concerned, were indicative of Grailed’s connection to its user, who is typically male, between ages 17 and 35 and has a penchant for streetwear and high-end designers. The site isn’t as omnipresent as, say, Instagram, but it’s quickly become a resource and daily attraction for a demographic that most retailers and brands are trying to win over.
Grailed, which is a term used to describe a highly sought-after item — derived from holy grail

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