Marrakesh Welcomes Yves Saint Laurent Museum

MARRAKESH, Morocco – “I am sure that they are watching us from above and that they are insanely proud,” said Betty Catroux, as she toured the Yves Saint Laurent museum in Marrakesh on the eve of its inauguration.
The couturier’s longtime muse, instantly recognizable with her skinny frame, pole straight white hair and dark glasses, was soaking in the main exhibition hall at the museum: a cavernous black space where a row of black outfits faced off against creations in a riot of bright colors inspired by the Moroccan city.
The institution is set to open to the public on Oct. 19, a little more than a month after the death of Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent’s longtime companion and business partner, who supervised every aspect of a project that crystalized both his love for the designer, who died in 2008, and the country that was their second home since the Sixties.
“I feel very emotional,” Catroux said during Friday’s preview visit. “Fortunately, being religious, I feel emotional and high, instead of emotional and depressed.”
She recalled coming to Marrakesh alone and joining Saint Laurent in a little pavilion between the two villas where they were staying.
“We would meet like lovers, have drinks and gossip.

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