Lunchbox Fund 2017, Sponsored by Prada, Draws Helena Christensen, Paul Haggis

Despite having a cold, the Lunchbox Fund founder Topaz Page-Green was on hand Thursday evening to make the rounds discussing her charity, which provides daily meals to roughly 25,000 children in South Africa.
“Really, the charity started just because I’m from South Africa, and I was doing a lot of work in schools and it was very obvious that hunger was a problem,” said the South African native, who founded the fund in 2005. “Teachers would subsequently report that one of the biggest issues they had was that they weren’t able to teach the kids because the kids weren’t able to keep their heads up solely from a lack a food.”
This year’s fund-raiser, sponsored by Prada and held at the Beekman hotel, drew Helena Christensen, Rupert Friend, Aimee Mullins, Piper Perabo, Paul Haggis, Stacey Bendet, Billy Crudup, Bob Gruen, Arden Wohl and a slew of other artists, actors and socialites. Of the attendees, Haggis was the most enthusiastic supporter, at one point yelling at the guests in a successful attempt to extract tens of thousands of dollars from the crowd who, in the screenwriter’s words, received “absolutely nothing in return.”
Haggis has been an ardent supporter of Page-Green and the Lunchbox Fund for

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