Street Signs: Five Influencers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram has become the ultimate starting point for influencers, especially those who are a part of the streetwear scene. WWD asked five streetwear stars with sizable followings about their favorite brands, stores and pieces. See what Alexandra Hackett (@miniswoosh), Feifei Fu (@ifayfu), Bloody Osiris (@bloodyosiris), Aleali May (@alealimay) and Coco (@coco_prinkprincess) had to say below.
Alexandra Hackett, @miniswoosh Follower count: 52,000

Age: 24
Cred: One of 12 featured in Nike’s Vote Forward campaign, studied men’s sportswear design and makes most of the pieces she wears.
Home base: London
Estimated $ spent: About $5,000 over the past year.
Brand(s) of choice: Nike
Favorite place(s) to buy: “eBay, 100%.”
Most prized piece: “I’d say my first custom Nike sample — a fisherman’s gilet made from a Nike duffel bag.”
Feifei Fu, @ifayfu Follower count: 65,300

Feifei Fu
@ifayfu / Instagram

Age: 21
Home base: London; from Beijing
Estimated $ spent: “Probably hundreds of thousand[s of] dollars”
Brand(s) of choice: Used to prefer Japanese brands like Bape and Visvim; these days, she’s more into Supreme, Balenciaga and Off-White’s Nike collaboration.
Favorite place(s) to buy: Supreme, Palace, Dover Street Market; Grailed and eBay for rarer pieces.
Most prized piece: A Supreme x Louis Vuitton denim jacket. “They are not in stores in London, but my best friend blessed me.”
Bloody Osiris, @bloodyosiris Follower Count: 120,000


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