Does Melania Trump Have Body Double? Social Media Users Think She Has a Stylish Stand-In

The Internet is running wild with rumors that Melania Trump used a body double for an Oct. 13 appearance at the US Secret Service James J. Rowley Training Center in Maryland.
For the appearance, the purported doppelgänger stepped out in a Burberry trench coat and black slacks, teamed with shiny black Christian Louboutin flats — a change from the first lady’s usual stilettos — for a a sophisticated and simple look.

Melania Trump wearing a Burberry trench coat with Christian Louboutin flats as Donald Trump addresses reporters.
With oversized sunglasses covering Trump’s face, social media users joked that the 47-year-old was using a look-alike stand-in, and the Internet ran away with the rumor, pulling out all kinds of jokes about the potential body double.
Netizens said that Trump’s facial structure looked different underneath the dark shades.

Where can I apply to be Melania’s body double?
— Whitney (@whitneycovfefe) October 18, 2017

Melania’s body double?
— Jarica Davis (@jaricadavis) September 14, 2017

While jokes of a doublegate were all in good fun, other images of Trump from the day show her sans giant shades, putting rumors of the stylishly dressed body double to rest.

False alarm. It is in fact the real Melania Trump, not a body double.
— pam (@pamnonga) October

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