What I wore this week: polka dots

It’s time to forget stripes and sport spots

Look, if it helps, think of them as stripes that happen to be circular. Because frankly, I don’t know what your problem is. How many striped tops do you have in your wardrobe? Yes, including Bretons. Yup, also including cotton striped shirts. Thought so. Quite a few. So, why so sniffy about polka dots?

I do know why, really, of course I do. Spots are a bit… well, daft. Stripes go faster, spots are dotty. But that’s exactly why they’re fun. Nobody expects us, the grown-up fashionables, with our intelligently sourced, upscale, high-street Scandinavian, day-to-night pieces in muted tones, to wear spots. So, let’s do it.

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