Menswear designer Martine Rose: ‘Fashion used to be for outsiders’

After a decade designing clothes seen as extreme, she is now receiving the acclaim she deserves. Martine Rose talks to Alice Fisher about business, babies and Balenciaga

Martine Rose‘s studio is so new you can still taste the paint in the air. We’re in a renovated, 19th-century industrial building in Crouch Hill, north London, and the spacious rooms are delightful. But Rose is worried. “I look at this area, this studio, it’s all so smart. I do think: ‘Shit, am I going to start doing really polished things now?’”

This concern is understandable. The menswear designer has become an international name, one of those overnight success stories that has been 10 years in the making. She had beavered away, exploring ideas about menswear: twisting traditional workwear and the uniforms created by subcultural tribes into fascinating clothes. Then, finally, in the past year or so, she began to receive the attention she deserves.

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