Diane von Furstenberg, Discusses the Importance of Mentoring in the Aftermath of Harvey Weinstein Controversy

Indirectly or directly, Diane von Fursteberg has probably mentored thousands of women over the years.
Before being honored with the Master Mentor award at Monday night’s iMentor Champions dinner, she said, “I hope so. It’s not for me to say…It’s a wonderful thing when you have a voice to use your voice. But everyone takes something different. I know that when I read things about women I get inspired.”
The designer’s mentor was her mother, who survived slave labor in Auschwitz and whose story was later shared with dinner guests. Seth Meyers hosted the event at the Ziegfield Ballroom, and actress Allison Williams presented the Master Mentor award to von Furstenberg. Actor Ed Norton also made the rounds with his film producer wife Shauna Robertson “Ed is not just a hot movie star. He’s a good guy,” von Furstenberg said. “And he married…”
“He married well,” Norton interjected, referring to his producer wife Shauna Robertson. Ali Kay, who has a five-year-old son with von Furstenberg’s son Alex, was also on hand, having introduced the designer to iMentor.
In the aftermath of Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein and Amazon Studios’ Roy Price scandals, “People need mentors more than ever. People need to find their strength within themselves,”

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