A Legendary Night With Julianne Moore

“I googled it the other day,” Julianne Moore said on Tuesday night from the candlelit dining room of Le Coucou. “Legend is not necessarily something that someone achieved, but legend is a story that you tell. It really is about a longer thing, it’s about a narrative, which I think is an interesting way to approach it. Rather than it being about a single achievement or an achievement of a lifetime, it’s someone’s story.”
With her definition of the word in mind, the restaurant was filled with legends: Lady Bunny, Fernando Garcia, Laura Kim, Zadie Smith and Jenna Lyons. Moore was the focal legend of the night; John Hardy and Vanity Fair were hosting an intimate dinner in her honor. The actress appears in the jewelry brand’s new “Made for Legends” campaign. Asked what people she considers “legendary,” Moore paused for a beat.
“I think artistically, somebody like [Isamu] Noguchi, somebody who really moves me because of the consistency of his work and the way he is celebrating shape and motion. I think about Gloria Steinem, someone who championed women’s rights so early. Somebody like Jonas Salk.”
The rest of the crowd had a chance to mull over the legends in their lives as

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