Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo on the Future of Luxury Streetwear

As much as Jerry Lorenzo operates outside of the fashion industry — he doesn’t hold shows, doesn’t present in line with the seasonal calendar and has no formal training as a designer — he’s managed to infiltrate the system by producing special product he believes is missing from the market.
He’s also managed to create and profit from an aesthetic that works in luxury settings and more mass environments — see the merchandise he designed with Justin Bieber and his collaborations with PacSun and Vans.
In a conversation with WWD style director Alex Badia, Lorenzo spoke about why he thinks his line has been able to break through and what he thinks the future holds for the luxury streetwear category. Here, excerpts from the conversation.
WWD: How did you start your business?
Jerry Lorenzo: I was living in Los Angeles. We have a Garment District downtown and you can make anything you want, whether it’s a couch or a long T-shirt. I was trying to find solutions for my own wardrobe because there were things I couldn’t find on the shelves and I figured why don’t I go downtown and make what I want. Before that I worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers and I

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