Hailey Baldwin on ‘Drop the Mic,’ Acting and Biting Julia Roberts’ Style

Models have been known to misbehave on sets, but Hailey Baldwin laughs at the memory of being scolded when she first started hosting the celebrity rap-battle series “Drop the Mic,” which premieres on TBS tonight.
“There was one thing I actually got in a lot of trouble for during the filming,” chuckles the 20-year-old, who shares hosting duties on the James Corden-created show with hip-hop star Method Man. “I would be standing there, and Method would be talking, and [the producers] would be like, ‘Hailey – smile!’” she laughs.
After all, it’s her signature sultry gaze that helped catapult her on a modeling rocket ride that led to high-profile runway shows, magazine covers, viral videos and campaigns for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld and Guess.
But she’s shown she has skills with ad-libbing, zingy one-liners and, “I’m good with lyrics — I memorize everything. I’ll be in any party where there’s rap playing spitting all the words,” she says, adding “I’m normally sarcastically funny; I think that any of my friends would probably — hopefully — back me up on that.”
While no one would be surprised if Baldwin was looking for a fast track into acting — especially given

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