7 Slip-In Shoe Insoles for Men to Look Up to 2.5-Inches Taller — Starting at $7

Need a boost? Look no further than FN’s roundup of height-increasing slip-in insoles for men. Walk through a room with confidence and a pep in your step in any one of our picks, knowing that you look and feel taller.
That said, let’s get shopping.
LiftKits Men’s Hi-Tops height-increasing insole.

1. Tall Men Shoes Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole
Add an extra 1.5 to 2 inches of height with these detachable insoles padded with air cushioning for maximum comfort.

Tall Men Shoes Insole

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2. LiftKits Men’s Hi-Tops Universal Height Increasing Insoles
Similarly, get up to 2 inches with these inserts designed by an orthopedic doctor and made with air bubble technology.

LiftKit’s High-Tops Insoles

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3. Jota Shoe Lifts Height Insole
Slip this simple Jota height-increasing insole into your shoe if you’re looking for a simple 1-inch lift.
Jota shoe lift.

Jota Shoe Lifts Height Insole

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4. Y2COMMERCE 2-Layer Height Elevator Insoles
Made with PolyUrethane layers for custom comfort, these insoles can be trimmed to fit your foot exactly.

Y2C 2-Layer Insoles

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5. Kalevel Height Increase Adjustable Insole
With a 2-layer adjustable height design, you can bet these soft durable insoles won’t be slipping around the inside of your shoe.

Kalevel Insole

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6. Undercover Fox Height Lifting Inserts
Grow 2 inches in one swift motion when you put these Undercover

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