Inside Celestine, Dumbo’s Best New Viewpoint

A duo of interior designers for whom the goal was to do as little design work as possible: meet Matthew Maddy and Nico Arze, the pair behind Dumbo’s newly opened Mediterranean restaurant Celestine.
The restaurant is conceptualized around the eastern Mediterranean — “everything from Israel through Lebanon down to Syria,” Maddy says — during the late Sixties/early Seventies.
“We had this image of a swinging Beirut dinner party overlooking the sea in, like, 1971, in an apartment, or someone who loved to throw dinner parties who had a little money to spend,” Maddy continues. “That was such a cultural, artistic, fashionable city at the time. We wanted the place to feel really fun and light and to the extent, to whatever extent possible, to feel sort of like an apartment — to have a residential feel, as opposed to a purely commercial feel.”
To that extent, the sweeping views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges were left to be the focal point.
“We wanted the windows to be very elegant and unencumbered,” Arze says. “We really want to respect the view and make sure that we don’t have anything that would block the view.”
“We just framed out the windows with these

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