What I wore this week: a padded jacket

It’s comfy and comforting. But is it stylish?

Oh, the padded jacket. The staple of childhood wardrobes that makes me think of days-old Ribena splashed on the front and zippers being pulled up angrily by my mother (Look! Out! For! My! Chin!). Wearing a padded jacket as an adult, however, had until recently seemed unappealing. I mean, do I really want to look like a) the Michelin Man or b) someone who volunteers the question, “Can you hire the salopettes off-season?”

But then the padded jacket was reinvented by Vetements and Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia. He took the staple and blew it up, pop-art style, turning it into a statement of overindulgence and consumerism. His padded jackets had infinite folds and sleek sides; they were oversize, awkward. They looked like something you might find in Stranger Things’ Upside Down parallel world.

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