4 Ways Corporate Strategy Needs to Change in the Wake of #MeToo

The powerful wave of sexual misconduct scandals that has swept across the country in recent months has yielded a nation that is just as much reeling as it is galvanized.
At an overwhelming rate, women from all walks of life have come forward to recount tales of inappropriate — and sometimes criminal — behavior on the part of men in power. Simultaneously, an alarming number of previously well-respected men have taken a long-overdue fall from grace.
As more and more of these tales make their way to the public stage, many women who have sat in silence for countless years are finding a new sense of empowerment. But without a collective strategy that endeavors to put action and urgency behind this newfound empowerment, there is an inherent risk that very little will change.
“Even though all these stories are very painful, this needs to happen,” said Matt Priest, president and CEO of the Footwear Distributors of America. “It’s a good and edifying process. I hope, in the long run, we’re in the midst of an appropriate correction in terms of how we interact with each other as human beings at a time when indecency seems to be at an all-time high in the

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