WWD Beauty Inc Honors Urban Decay’s Wende Zomnir With Impact Award

Wende Zomnir knows how to make her presence felt.
The winner of WWD Beauty Inc’s first Impact Award, Urban Decay’s cofounder looked to the brand’s initial mission statement from 1996 when accepting her award Thursday morning during the publication’s annual awards ceremony held in Manhattan’s Rainbow Room.
“When we started Urban Decay, my goal wasn’t to knock on the door of the cosmetics department, my mission was to knock it down,” Zomnir said. “Back in 1996 I wrote a brand statement that said, ‘Urban Decay is makeup for self-expression. It’s for girls and boys who want to rattle the notion of what beauty is.’”
With that unshakable vision and an assortment of unconventional products, like edible sparkly body powder and punk-inspired nail polish, Zomnir transformed the brand, now owned by L’Oréal, from an indie darling into the second-largest makeup brand in the U.S., all the while maintaining an ethos of inclusivity and self-expression.
“The standard notions of beauty aren’t so strict anymore and that’s one of the cool things that Urban Decay and a lot of other indie brands have done for this industry and our customers,” she said. “It’s opened up a world of beauty customers who didn’t feel included before. They feel

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