The Smell Test: Michael Kors Wonderlust

The Smell Test
Michael Kors Wonderlust
The Score: 3.4 out of 10
The Verdict:
Hello again. To some judges, this scent is a commercially viable retro creation. Others said it struck them as an unwelcome reminder of the past, lacking originality. The Eighties came up, and it wasn’t necessarily a compliment. — Pete Born
“Bold, diffusive. The Eighties ride again! Been there. Done that!”
Artistic: 4
Innovation: 2
“Smells like yesterday’s herbal tea left in the pot. Weak and confused.”
Artistic: 3
Innovation: 3
“This fragrance is awful, ordinary and without class.”
Artistic: 2
Innovation: 2
“Hints of Thierry Mugler’s Alien, and a nod to Burberry Brit. On trend and commercially viable for today’s fragrance market.”
Artistic: 7
Innovation: 3
“It is very reminiscent of a late Eighties-style perfume — not as heavy. I find this to be a nice, very likable perfume — not great but not bad. The inspiration is interesting to see new ways of achieving a new vibrancy and at the same time using old methods to make this retro-modern fragrance.”
Artistic score: 4
Innovation: 4
“A memorably unmemorable, sweet, fruity floral scent, memorably leaves an insipid and weak residue within two hours on skin.”
Artistic: 2
Innovation: 2
“Good construction but very classical. However, diffusion and long-lasting aspects are excellent. Good-quality fragrance, but nothing innovative, surprising and new

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