Dita Von Teese Banned From Performing at Hulaween This Year

Hulaween in a church? Why not?
“It is the first time in 25 years of performing burlesque that I’ve been banned,” said Dita Von Teese from the chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. She’d been set to perform during cocktail hour at Bette Midler’s annual NYRP charitable costume extravaganza Hulaween, which popped up this year inside of the Gothic New York landmark.
“I’ve performed in many churches before, but this is the first working church,” the burlesque star clarified. She was dressed relatively conservatively, in a long black gown and an insect headpiece borrowed from B. Akerlund. “I was in my dressing room — and my dressing room was, like, office of the clergy. And the bishop said no. I don’t blame them, really.”
There were even more clergymen walking around than usual, although most were costumed Hulaween guests. This year’s theme was “Garden of Earthly Delights” — a nice religious tie-in for the setting — and many had dressed with floral and fauna in mind.
Michael Kors and husband Lance LePere were coordinating in apple-patterned suits, with a fake snake coiled around their necks. Just before dinner, Kors was busying surveying the procession of costumes streaming into the main hall

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