Extra Butter Spent Nearly $1 Million on an Epic Movie Theater-Inspired Sneaker Store

Extra Butter has compared its refreshed New York storefront to this year’s Jordan Peele-directed horror/ comedy thriller, “Get Out” — a critically acclaimed theatrical experience.
The renovated Lower East Side door, which opens Tuesday, is a deep dive into the retailer’s love for cinema. The Allen Street entrance features a movie theater marquee and a ticket window. Inside, there’s a fully functional concession area, with high-end treats curated by Napoleon’s Hat Coffee Consulting founder Gabriel Navarro. And consumers will now try on sneakers in movie theater seating.
A look at the movie theater seating inside Extra Butter’s newly renovated Lower East Side NYC door.
But what’s most compelling about the store is its appearance after-hours.
When the boutique closes, a screen drops down from the ceiling along with two projectors — one facing the screen from Allen Street and the other from Orchard Street.
The projectors will play movies or brand partner videos throughout the night. Red curtains, reminiscent of those in your local theater, move from the entrances to the screen to cover the product on the walls. And the seats — which are placed facing the screen from both entrances — provide the illusion of film buff taking in the latest must-see motion

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