Edward Enninful’s new Vogue – a bit more cool, a bit less posh

With Skepta, Sadiq Khan and Zadie Smith, Topshop alongside Céline, and John Galliano on the No 12 bus, the stylist’s first magazine as editor is about 50% more real. But it’s still very much Vogue

• See the full shoot in the December issue of Vogue, on sale Friday

There is a look on page 312 that sums up what Edward Enninful, in his first editor’s letter, calls “your new Vogue”. A model with tightly braided hair strolls on a gritty pavement past Arnold Circus, east London’s most picturesquely down-at-home estate, in vintage Kappa trackpants and a North Face rucksack with a cashmere Ralph Lauren coat price-tagged at £2,600. The new Vogue is a bit less posh and a bit more cool. But it is still very much Vogue.

I was worried that now that it is being edited by a stylist, there would be nothing to read. I’m not any more, because December’s Vogue is worth your £3.99 purely for the last paragraph of Zadie Smith on the Queen, in which she recounts what happened when she and Kate Moss met her majesty at Buckingham Palace. Smith’s aweless take on the iconography of a “distinctly lower middle-class” monarch, which lists the things we know “Mrs Windsor” (not Her Majesty) to look kindly on as “EastEnders, Cornflakes, most cakes, gin and Dubonnet (but no fancy wines and nothing gourmet)” sets a warm but iconoclastic tone. That is echoed later in the issue by Steve McQueen’s love letter to Britain (“zebra crossings, skinheads, tweed, Winnie the Pooh, the NHS, Joe Orton, Kenneth Williams, corner shops”).

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