‘The Apprentice’: Fired Candidate Sarah-Jayne Clark Reveals Last-Minute Boardroom Decision Change

Sarah-Jayne Clark, the latest ‘Apprentice’ candidate to be fired be Lord Alan Sugar, has revealed that she changed her mind at the last-minute when deciding who to bring back into the boardroom.

The 25-year-old shop owner was project manager for Team Vitality in Wednesday’s (8 November) episode, leading the team as their (sub-par…) Brussels city tour failed to impress tourists.

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And while the whole team made it mistakes, it seemed as though Anisa could be in the firing line in the event of a loss – so we were surprised when Sarah-Jayne brought Andrew and Charles back into the boardroom.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Sarah-Jayne admitted that this was a last-minute decision, explaining: “Originally I was going to bring Anisa and Charles back, however, it’s a lot more than what you actually see on TV.

“Lord Sugar, all he kept saying was about Charles and Andrew. You really do have to listen to what Lord Sugar says, that’s why I brought Andrew.

“Because he kept going on and on on and on about him, so I thought well, I’ll do that now. I’m happy with my choice, I’m happy with what I did.”

Anisa also stood said she had no regrets after putting herself forward for project manager.

“It was true that I had something to prove,” she admitted. “I was getting quite a few negative comments so I kind of wanted to be PM so they would either keep me in and stop being negative, or it was their opportunity to fire me.

“I didn’t want to waste any time by being there if I wasn’t going to win so I’m glad I put myself forward.”

Anisa’s exit means there are 12 candidates left in the current series of ‘The Apprentice’, vying for a £250,000 business deal with Lord Sugar.


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