Marianna Palka’s ‘Bitch’ Bites Back

“Bitch,” which opened in theaters this week, is about a dog that has her day. The film and its title character, a stereotype- and archetype-busting double-entendre, are the work of Marianna Palka, a 5-foot, 11-inch gale-wind force of feminist activism and outrage.
Luckily for the disgraced, deplorable men monopolizing the headlines lately, Palka channels her indignation creatively, writing, directing and starring in her own movies. Otherwise, you could easily imagine her taking them down with one of the devastating blows her character, wrestler Reggie Walsh, inflicts on competitors in the Netflix series, “Glow.”
“‘Bitch’ is for guys like [Harvey] Weinstein, who missed the point of reality,” Palka said of the fallen Hollywood studio head. “It’s not about anything other than consent. Everybody is safer now that the dialogue is in place. It’s progress, in that it feels completely different. It feels like we have the wind at our backs.”
“Bitch” oozes subversive woman-power. Jill (Palka), a suburban mother of four, is so tormented, she attempts to hang herself from the dining room chandelier by a thick leather belt tied around her neck. While she doesn’t succeed in ending her life, she does find a new one.

Marianna Palka’s “Bitch.”
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