Martha Plimpton Says ‘Hello Again’ to a Musical Film

Martha Plimpton has been acting since she was 10, so she can be forgiven for wanting a break.
With her latest film, “Hello Again,” now in 300 theaters nationwide for a limited run, Plimpton said, “I want to enjoy my time off and think of where I want to go next. I’m interested in developing stuff — not for myself. I’m in a transitional phase. My career has always moved that way. I started acting very young.”
Plimpton’s acting pedigree — her father, Keith Carradine, and mother, Shelley Plimpton, met during the original Broadway run of “Hair” — meant that she grew up around the theater. “I was always involved in something backstage somewhere,” she said. “Every time I do a performance, it’s another moment. It’s the thing I know how to do best.”
The much-awarded Plimpton takes chances, stepping outside her comfort zone, as she did in “Hello Again,” a musical film featuring 10 characters who pair off and slip in and out of each other’s arms through 10 decades of the 20th century. Themes such as love, eroticism and betrayal unfold against moody, neon-tinged backdrops. Only one member of each pair advances to the next decade, tossing aside their old partner for a

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