How Linder Is Building Its Brand

Linder is investing in itself.
Sam Linder and Kirk Millar, who founded the men’s and women’s brand in 2013, are relaunching their e-commerce site and releasing a new accessories collection. Although they continue to grow their lists of stockists, which include Opening Ceremony, Boon the Shop, Galeries Lafayette and Harvey Nichols, they realize that focusing on their own platform to sell and release product is more in line with how the industry is changing.
“With where fashion is heading, everyone is thinking about different sales channels and what’s going to be next. Obviously online is where it’s at,” said Millar. “We are still doing wholesale, but we are excited to use this platform to launch whatever product we have conviction about.”
Linder seconded that notion and said they don’t want to feel beholden to the buy a store makes and they receive requests for old and new product people see on the runway but can’t find in stores.
But the designers say the e-commerce site, which will relaunch on Nov. 20, will be more than a portal for selling product. Linder said it will offer a unique brand experience. The runway collections will be available along with smaller capsules, which they will release as

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