Witty baubles and homemade wreaths: how to have a fashionable Christmas

Melania has killed the twig tree and hygge is very last year. So, how to make sure your festivities are Instagram-ready in 2017?

Melania Trump has officially killed the twig tree. Silver-sprayed sparse branches were until recently a winning festive look – minimalist-Narnia vibes, a bit abstract, perfect for the Cos-wearer who doesn’t do tinsel – but this year’s Miss Havisham’s attic-themed White House corridor has seen to that. A tunnel of spiky white twigs with all the cosiness of that camping trip from the Blair Witch Project, complete with a lighting concept seemingly based on holding a torch under your chin to freak your little sister out, the Trump twigs went viral as the most joyless decor the White House has ever seen.

On the other hand, hygge is very last year. Curling up in a pair of cable-knit socks, with a spice-scented candle and an earthenware mug of herbal tea prettily arranged on your mid-century sideboard – just next to the bell jars full of shells collected on meditative winter walks – is unspeakably basic in 2017.

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