North Sails Unveils Partnership With the Ocean Family Foundation

MILAN — “No better time than on your anniversary to start the project and give back [to the ocean],” said Willem Wijnen, North Sails’ chief customer officer, ahead of the event held at the brand’s flagship in central Via Durini here on Tuesday night.
To coincide with the 60th anniversary of the brand this year, North Sails unveiled a partnership with the Ocean Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in the U.K. the aim of which is to raise awareness and to concretely help prevent ocean pollution. One percent of sales of North Sails products will be donated to the foundation, starting with the spring 2018 collection.
Proceeds will support specific projects such as “A Plastic Planet,” which attempts to reduce the amount of plastic in supermarkets and to create plastic-free aisles, as well as raising awareness of the issue. “If people know, they start to care, if they care they will start to act and a change can only be made if more people act responsibly,” Wijnen highlighted.
To mark the partnership, the brand unveiled a capsule collection of T-shirts made of upcycled cotton and materials derived from recycled PET bottles. Each piece will carry both the brand’s and the foundation’s logos. The

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