Art Basel Miami Beach: If You Could Buy Any Piece of Art, What Would It Be?

In a crowd of art lovers, collectors, admirers (and artists themselves), it’s a big question: if you could buy any piece of art in the world, what would it be? We posed the question to those on the town Tuesday night at Art Basel Miami Beach.
Jonathan Anderson: “That’s a loaded question for mummy. I think I’d buy a Brâncuși. I think if you’re going to buy something, you’re going to buy a Brâncuși.”
Sara Flynn: “It would be a Hans Coper pot. Hans Coper is long since dead and his pots are really hard to get your hands on and they rarely come up for auction. It’s a major, absolute hero of mine. That’s an easy question.”
Stefano Tonchi: “Anything from Gilbert & George.”
Urs Fischer: “For my house? And would I have the money? So I could buy the piece of art and sell it and do something else with the money, like buy a lot of art pieces? No, I know what you mean…probably a hellenistic sculpture. Or maybe a Bernini.”
Daniel Arsham: “A massive James Turrell skyspace. Because it’s like buying nothing, like buying air.”
Jeremy Scott: “A Jackson Pollock — any would do.”
Laure Hériard Dubreuil: “At the Gagosian, there was

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