DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Prose to Bring Personalized Hair Care to Salons

NEW YORK — As on-demand beauty service start-ups gain market share from the traditional salon sector, a new hair-care brand wants to meet the online and off-line worlds halfway.
Prose, a technology-first beauty play that launches today, relies on the traditional salon environment and relationship between stylist and client to co-create personalized, professional hair care — at scale.
“Our vision is that to create the best personalized hair care, we have to go through the stylists — not as a distributor, but as an expert of our hair. They know your hair type and that’s why we go through a professional — to have the right diagnostic help to make the right personalized product,” Arnaud Plas, cofounder and chief executive officer, said at Joli Beauty Bar on First Street here, one of Prose’s partner salons. Plas worked at L’Oréal for seven years where his most recent role was vice president of the company’s digital acceleration team.
The stylist’s expertise is integral to the company’s mission, which is to deliver completely custom shampoo, conditioner and hair masks through artificial intelligence (both during a preliminary diagnostic phase and the formulation process). Shampoos and conditioners range in price from $28 to $38 for 8.5-oz. bottles and

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