INFLUENCE PEDDLER: Marianna Hewitt, Lauren Gores to Build Social-First Beauty Brand

Beauty superinfluencer Marianna Hewitt and business partner Lauren Gores are taking their social media knowhow and parlaying it into a new business.
They are launching Summer Fridays, a direct-to-consumer skin-care brand that will be sold exclusively at The first product, a hydrating cream Jet Lag Mask, will go on sale in January. Hewitt and Gores, ages 31 and 30, respectively, are introducing one item to start so as not to overwhelm customers — a result of Hewitt’s guest room now functioning as a makeshift beauty closet to accommodate the onslaught of skin-care and makeup products she receives daily.
“As bloggers and influencers we know what it’s like to get packages with so many things that you feel overwhelmed. It’s too much stuff…I don’t know what to do with it [all],” Hewitt told WWD during an interview at 11 Howard in Manhattan. Combined, Hewitt’s @marianna_hewitt and Gores’ @laurengores Instagram accounts have nearly 827,000 followers (774,000 of those are Hewitt’s), and Hewitt’s YouTube channel has garnered 20 million views to date.
“We wanted to focus on one product that was amazing. You can try this one thing — and we feel so confident to launch just one product — that we know people will love

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