What to do with your leftover Halloween candy

The trick-or-treating is done. The jack-o-lanterns have been tossed. The office party was fine. Now, there’s only one post-Halloween task to take care of: your beautiful surplus of candy.

Candy is good, so having a lot of it is not necessarily a problem. But if you have “too much” candy, you have a few options for getting rid of it without causing unnecessary waste.

That being said, extra candy corn can go directly in the trash.

Donate it

Some nonprofit organizations seek out candy donations after Halloween, including Operation Gratitude and a few local chapters of the Ronald McDonald House.

You can also call shelters, schools, and nursing homes in your area to see if they’re accepting candy donations. Be sure to give them advance notice, though — if they don’t want candy, showing up unannounced with an enormous bag of candy is not the move. …

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