10 fancy cat trees that look like modern art

Cat people deserve more credit than the whole “crazy cat lady who drinks wine alone” thing.

And spoiling your cat doesn’t make you a crazy cat person. If people are paying $125 to get a freaking Casper memory foam bed for their dog, you’re allowed to ball out.

If you’re already planning what to get your cat for the holidays this year (or what to get for the cat person in your life), your fun discovery of the day is that cat trees are way more elaborate than you ever expected.

Instead of those shoddy, carpeted towers that throw off your home’s Feng Shui, we found 10 of the artsiest cat trees that the internet has to offer. Some are minimalistic, some are abstract, all of them are guaranteed to get compliments from guests. Plus, most double as scratching posts to keep your cat from clawing your actual furniture. …

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